Viwe Mfaku




Graphic Design, Art Direction & Digital Marketing


South Africa

meaningful goals

Making an Impact, Helping the Client Improve their Metrics, Helping His Community

industries experience

Sports, Startups, Advertising Media & Entertainment, Education

Viwe Mfaku comes from Butterworth a small town in the Eastern Cape. He spent his week days in this small community having stayed in most of its residential areas and spent his weekends in the green rural area of Kentane closely with nature and the Xhosa farmers way of life. When he is not engaged in the wonder of the immersive desktop interface he is fully engaged in the real world absorbed in conversation with the outliers, because of his belief in open harmony. This makes him encouraging and often influences change and growth in advertising with his box-smart thinking as an Art Director.

Having worked under Brian Mthongana at the Woolworths Studio instilled his love for typography. And working at Ogilvy & Mather saw a challenge that would propel some exciting work.

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Ogilvy & Mather South Africa Induction Box

Tasked to package a few induction items, including “The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness”, we took it a step further and asked how do we get new employes to actually read the book and take not of ogilvys rich heritage? Our answer -make it tangible!

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The Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy

Graphic Design
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RE: Brand Position Campaign 2017

We want to give 10 up and coming musicians items from RE to customise whichever way they please, We would then shoot them wearing these items as part of our campaign showcasing them as the class of the years artists to watch

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